Profile and Experience

Paul Nerubay is a lawyer recognized as one of the best tax advisers in Mexico. He is a graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana, where he obtained a Bachelor of Law degree. Later he received the degree of Master in Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Paul Nerubay began his independent journey in 2008, with 12 years full of success stories and satisfied customers.

Paul has differentiated himself in the industry by finding legal and tax solutions that meet the needs of both the business and the assets of the entrepreneurs. He is involved in all the details of the operations and businesses that come to his table, taking care of the correct fiscal, legal and patrimonial performance, prioritizing the interests and needs of his client.

The generation and conservation of wealth depend on proper planning. Paul Nerubay has vast experience in correctly and efficiently structuring the assets of families with various characteristics.

Paul Nerubay has advised a significant number of people and companies, both Mexican and foreign, that do business in Mexico. He also advises clients doing business in the United States.

A good tax lawyer knows the laws of his country, but an excellent tax lawyer knows the tax laws of other countries. Paul has demonstrated relevant knowledge of the legislation of countries such as: USA, Canada, UK, Panama and Colombia, among others.

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“My clients have a name and two surnames”


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